Car Hits Two Pedestrians

Two Tallahassee men are sent to the hospital following an early morning accident.

Around 3:30 Sunday morning, Tallahassee police received a call about a vehicle that struck two pedestrians in the 2,000 block of Continental Avenue.

When police arrived on scene, the victims, Christopher Basey and Eduardo Maldonado, were hurt, one with a broken leg, the other suffered road rash.

Both men were taken to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and treated. Authorities are still trying to put the pieces together.

LT Ken Bergstrom with Tallahassee Police Department says, "We've got some conflicting statements on how the accident occurred. It could be that the two pedestrians were struck by the vehicle were walking along side the road or it could be that they were lying and kneeling in the road."

LT Bergstrom says alcohol did play a factor in the accident. TPD says charges are pending.