Reaction to President's Speech

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There's no doubt the war in Iraq will be on the minds of a lot of people this holiday season.

Ann Emperley says, "I think he's only been home one time during Christmas since she's been born."

The president realizes this and pleaded with the American people not to give up on this fight for Iraqi freedom.

Ann Emperley's husband is in Iraq and totally agrees with the president's decision.

Emperley says, "I think we're doing well. I mean, the president, obviously with the election that just happened, all those Iraqis that went out and voted. I mean, there were people that were praising Americans for being there."

Most people agreed with what the president said in his speech Sunday night, but there was one military wife that said setting a deadline to withdraw the troops from overseas would not only make the families here more comfortable, but their loved ones overseas as well.

Military spouse Monique Harmon says, "With no time limit, morale goes down a lot."

Others don't necessarily agree. They say pulling out some of the troops could put the ones left behind in more danger.

Emperley says, "If the president withdrew troops, that could support my husband. Well, if they left, my husband could be more prone to enemy attacks."

With all the debate about what should or shouldn't be done and how the president delivered his speech, one thing's certain. Many families will be without a loved one this holiday, and that's a price they pay so we all can remain safe.