Health Services in Jefferson County

The new program is more efficient and will be the perfect tool for all health departments in Florida. Jefferson County health employees are the first in the state to use a brand new software program, a far cry from their old system.

Colleen Harmon says, "It was an old DOS-antiquated system. You couldn't use your mouse. It was just old."

The Department of Health chose Jefferson County to implement its pilot program, one they say will be more patient friendly.

David Taylor says, "Right now, the old system is relatively old. It creates longer wait time. It's less integrated. All services [are] not centralized to one system. This will improve the treatment, quality of care, as well as the amount of time people have to wait for services."

In addition to eliminating waiting time, the new program will make it easier for health officials to collect important data.

Meade Grigg, Director of Vital Statistics, says, "In the public health, we have a lot of diversity in our clients. We have a lot of public health issues, and having a good information system is critical to track those issues to report them to the state and other surrounding counties."

Health officials kicked off the first official day of the new software with a small party to thank all the employees the program will be implemented in all 67 counties.

By July of next year, 21 counties will be using the new program. All 67 counties should have the system in place in a little over a year.