New Look for Star Metro

Tallahassee's transit system has a new name. Soon you'll start seeing the buses roll out with a new look.

StarMetro unveiled the first bus to show off the new look. Four others are on order. The new year will mean more than just a new name and look for the city's transit system.

You'll soon see the new fare boxes. You'll be able to use a credit card. he TalTran logo will be phased out in the new year.

Alphonso Menendez, Superintendent of Star Metro, "They should start out on the streets during the first of the year and during the course of 2006, we'll go ahead and complete the rest of the fleet."

New routes and frequency of routes are also soon to come. FSU and FAMU students will see increased frequency on two routes, 9 and 11, at the beginning of the year every 20 minutes.