2,100-mile road rally kicks off from Maine

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News Release:Associated Press
June 21,2014

OGUNQUIT, Maine (AP) -- A road rally with 115 vintage cars is kicking off in Maine and heading to the Sunshine State.

Participants in what's dubbed the "Great Race" were leaving Saturday from Ogunquit, Maine, and traveling through New Hampshire and Vermont before wrapping up the day in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Spokesman Jeff Mahl says it'll take nine days and 2,100 miles for the antique cars to cruise down the Atlantic Coast to Florida.

The event is a time/speed/distance rally with each driver and navigator being judged on how well they follow precise instructions that detail every move down to the second.

Officials say part of the challenge is following the instructions to win the race; the other challenge is finishing the race without any major mechanical breakdowns.

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