Are You Ready for Low Temperatures?

It's cold outside, and feeling colder by the minute. Freezing temperatures are expected throughout our area this week.

Jack McCarthy, a New York native, says, "I kind of look forward to it, actually. I'm from New York, so it's always nice to have a cold Christmas in December in Tallahassee."

When temperatures start to drop, it's recommended that when outdoors, try to stay dry and wear multiple layers of loose-fitting clothing.

To avoid skyrocketing heating costs indoors, keep your thermostat set to 68 degrees.

Alison Alford, staying warm for the winter, says, "I have central heating. I think it's set at 72. It should probably be set a little lower for energy conservation, but I like it warmer. I don't like getting cold."

Change your air filter on a monthly basis and make sure your ceiling insulation is not shallow.

Experts say while you're bundling up and preparing to stay warm during those cold winter days and nights, you don't want to forget about your pets and plants.

Chris Weatherly, a pet owner, says, "Chester's a Labrador, so he loves this cold weather. If I didn't have this leash on him, he'd jump in the cold water.”

Jan Collier with the Tallahassee animal shelter says, "They still do need warm shelter to sleep in whether it's your house. If they have a house, it needs to be elevated up off the ground and not drafty. It needs to have some bedding in it so that they can keep warm."

And for your plants, bring them indoors or cover up the large ones outside.