Car Burglar Bites Bait

The good old bait and hook trick worked to put a burglar behind bars. It caught the suspect, Tallahassee police say, red handed.

TPD says after several car burglaries at Bob's Auto Repair on Gaines Street over the past few months, they set out a bait car to nab the suspect.

Police say before the officer could get out of the car, David Lowe fell for the trap.

OFC John Newland says, “He came up to the unmarked police car and looked inside with a flashlight. OFC Vaughn stepped out of the car, identified himself as a police officer. Mr. Lowe immediately put his hands up in the air and did not resist."

Lowe is charged with burglary and possession of burglary tools. Police say he entered the auto shop through a hole cut into the fence, and then started checking for unlocked windows and doors.