Christmas Tree Growers' Woes

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Jerry Hubbard has been growing Christmas trees for 20 years and says it takes hard work and dedication year-round.

Jerry says, "It takes about four to five years to get a tree to six feet to sell, and we plant trees every year to replace the ones being cut."

While the growing season takes years, selling has to take place in six weeks. Hubbard says the trees are sprayed for fungus and insects all year and are pruned by hand twice a year, but he only sells trees from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.

Hubbard says without local support, the Christmas tree business may not be around for long.

"We have to compete with all the stands and trees brought in from all around the country, and if the people don't support local farmers it won't be long before we're all pretty much out of business."

Hubbard's son Keith says he's been helping out with the family business his entire life. He's getting ready to go to college and says when his father retires he hopes to hold on to the family business, but it won't be his full-time job.

Keith says, "I'll probably hold on to it and make a [business] out of it, but I plan on having another job too."

Although it's been a struggle, Hubbard says he plans on sticking around for the long haul and will always stand by his trees.