Suspected Drug Dealers Have Rocky Past

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Twenty-eight-year-old Oscar Magee and 25-year-old Rebatray Murray are behind bars, arrested on Friday in connection with dealing cocaine.

Police say these two men are no strangers to the law. Officers say back in April the two were involved in a shooting near a southside Tallahassee convenience store.

"Two individuals were shot, one in the thigh and one in the lower ankle area. The victim had a run-in with the suspect," said Leon County Sheriff's Detective David Graham.

They were arrested and charged with the shooting incident. Within a month, both bonded out of jail and were back on the street where detectives say they were dealing drugs, even though one of the men was on house arrest and had to wear a GPS tracking device.

"With some people it affects them where they get out and they do what they're supposed to do, and obviously there are people who don't care and continue on a life of crime," said Graham assistant state attorney Ron Flury.

He says he sees repeat offenders all the time.

"The fact that they committed another second degree felony while they were out on bond for second degree felony, that'll be taken into consideration and argued to the judge what an appropriate sentence should be."

One person who was very surprised to hear about the repeat arrest was the convenience store owner who clearly remembers the shooting last April. He said he just couldn't believe the two would be back on the streets committing crimes so shortly after they were arrested for a shooting.