Lowndes County Standoff

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Earlier Wednesday deputies negotiated with Miller Grow for nearly three hours before he decided to calmly walk out of his house.

Deputies were asked to check on Grow who was threatening to take his own life. When they did, they found him barricaded inside his home refusing to come out.

As time passed, Grow eventually walked out of the house.

Lowndes County Sheriff Ashley Paulk says, "You know they need help and if you can assure them that they'll get that help, you can usually resolve it this way, and fortunately we did, 'cause it wasn't looking real good at 10 o’clock."

Paramedics took Grow to the South Georgia Medical Center where he will be evaluated. Fortunately, those deputies hit by the gunfire were not seriously injured.

Sheriff Paulk says because of Grow's mental state, the county does not plan to press any charges. They say they just want him to get the help he needs.