2005 Report: Drugs in Leon County

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It's been a busy year for the Tallahassee Police Department and Leon County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Units. Our cameras have been there for several drug busts and they don't expect things to slow down.

SGT Ernie Stoll says, "I would predict that will continue simply because we're a fast-growing area."

Narcotics officers say marijuana and cocaine continue to be a problem, and there are others.

LT Rob Swearingen adds, "Along with the drugs associated with the college crowd, such as the ecstasy and MDMA, LSD seems to making a resurgence."

The total street level value of drugs seized so far is more than $3 million by Tallahassee police and more than $1 million by the Leon County Sheriff's Office.

As far as arrests, there have been 383 for TPD and 203 for the Sheriff's Office. Along with the drug seizures usually comes property seizures. Combined, the departments seized more than $460,000 in property.

Some of that may be invested in their fight against drugs. The Leon County Sheriff's Office says they are starting to see meth creep into the area. About a half dozen meth lab busts this year.

They expect to see more because it's such a big problem in the surrounding rural counties.