New Grady County Jail Programs Helping Detainees

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Jackie, Shannon and Jamie are serving time at the Grady County Jail, and they say that the new 12-step self help program and GED program gives them a second chance to do things right.

Jackie Jackson says, "You sit here and you're doing nothing, just contemplating on what's going on in here, but you got a chance to learn, you got a chance to get a better life, to get sober, you know, to make up for your mistakes."

The jail administrator says the programs are voluntary. Teachers from Thomas Tech help detainees receive their high school diploma, and recovered addicts help prisoners understand and break the cycle of alcohol and drug addictions.

Jamie Howell adds, "I'm actually taking steps recovery, and it's really helping me a lot in what I want to do when I get out of jail and where I'm going to take my life."

Grady County Sheriff Harry Young says the hope is these programs will prevent detainees from making a return trip to jail.

CAPT Timothy Gainous with the Grady County Sheriff's Office says, "The ultimate goal is to turn these repeat offenders around and show them there's a different way to live."

Gainous says the first step was getting prisoners to admit they have a problem. Now it's up to them to turn their lives around using the resources given to them at the Grady County Jail.

The Grady County Sheriff's Office says it's also providing information on rehabilitation centers ex-prisoners can attend once they are out of jail.