Thomas County Crack Bust

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Narcotics agents say they executed a search warrant at a 433 West Monroe Street home Wednesday afternoon.

Agents say they arrested Michael Alexander King and two acquaintances.

Agents say King faces trafficking charges after they uncovered roughly six ounces of crack cocaine in the house.

Kevin Lee of the Thomas County Narcotics Vice Division says, "This is a huge bust. I mean, six ounces of crack, that's quite a bit of crack. He had it cut up into small pieces, large pieces. Apparently he was selling it by the $20 piece, $100 piece or $200 piece."

Narcotics agents say six ounces translates into 171 grams of crack. They say the legal minimum for trafficking is 28 grams. Agents say King was on parole, and say he they've arrested him for trafficking in the past.