E-mail a Patient Now at Valdosta's SGMC

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One local hospital is now allowing you a hi-tech way to say "get well" to a friend or loved one. South Georgia Medical Center has unveiled its 'e-mail a patient' program.

If you know someone being treated at SGMC, you can e-mail them by visiting the hospital's Web site at www.sgmc.org, and then click on the 'e-mail a patient' button.

After submitting the e-mail, hospital employees will print it up and deliver it to the patient. It’s all part of an effort to make the hospital stay a comfortable one.

Rhonda Brooks at SGMC says, "This is just one of those things that we can help bring messages to patients from people they love, and any word of encouragement or laughter helps their recovery process, so we want to be part of anything that helps patients recover."

The program is free, and so far e-mails have been submitted from around the world.