New TSA Regulations

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Thursday morning some airline passengers had mixed feeling about boarding their plane.

Passenger Karen Linares said, "Nervous, because I think when we eased up before, we had problems."

That's what's happening just before the big holiday rush. The Transportation Security Administration made some changes to the list of what passengers are allowed to bring onto the plane.

Scissors (less than four inches), screwdrivers and nail files can now be found in a carry-on of any passenger at any given time. Some passengers say the changes are so small they won't even notice them.

Passenger Anthony Caucci said, "That would be pretty pathetic if somebody tried to take over the plane with a pair of scissors. I know I'd probably laugh about it as I was pounding him."

While some passengers think this is a step in the right direction, some say they'd rather be safe than sorry.

Linares says, "I think if you're too careful, that's alright 'cause that saves our lives."

Linares says she was okay with the restrictions just the way they were.

"Be not allowed to bring it on and buy it at the dollar store when I get to my location," Linares said.

Also included in the changes will be more random screenings of passengers and their bags.