Fire Prevention Tips

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On December 14 a mobile home was completely destroyed. A few days later, another home was lost to fire. Investigators believe the fire originated near the stove, which for some is an alternative heating source.

For firefighters, concern goes out to those with space heaters and those who fail to check their smoke detector.

"We encourage you to use some extra care and not leave space heaters on all night and make sure you have a working smoke alarm," says Tallahassee Fire Department spokesperson Pat Teague.

"If you use electrical space heaters, those should be turned off when you go to bed, and you should never store anything closer than three feet to a space heater," says Tallahassee Fire LT Tim McCown.

McCown says if you do not have a smoke detector, having one will decrease the likelihood of losing everything to a blaze.

"We have a program with the Tallahassee Fire Department for the elderly. If they don't have smoke detectors or have non-functional smoke detectors, then we'll come and install one for them," adds McCown.

He says smoke detectors should be tested once a month and batteries should be changed every six months.