Energy Tax for Georgia Manufacturers?

Some Georgia law makers want to eliminate energy sales taxes for manufactures to help keep more jobs in the Peach State.

Georgia is the only state in our region that doesn't charge a sales tax on energy purchases. One local company in Lowndes County could save up to $700,000 per year if Georgia makes the change.

Lawmakers say it’s all about staying competitive.

Tim Golden, (D) Valdosta, says, "Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, the states that border us all extend an energy use tax break, so it really puts us at a competitive disadvantage when you go out to recruit industry to come here because it’s just one more selling point, one more spear we can put in our arsenal."

Sen. Golden is hopeful the energy tax break for manufactures is passed this spring, but admits it might be a tough sell during the upcoming General Assembly session.