Home for the Holidays

Soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan will not be home for the holidays, so you can imagine how excited some families are to have one of their loved ones who are serving in the military at home this Christmas.

SGT Antwan Frazier has been on the front lines fighting for our country's freedom in Iraq, and he hasn't seen his family in more than two years.

Antwan Frazier says, "It's very hard knowing I'm fighting for my country and my family, praying that I make it alive, and I want to see my son grow up in my footsteps and be something better than I am."

In the meantime Frazier is hoping to bond with his 16-month-old son and the rest of his family before he heads to North Carolina next week

Martha Dixon, Antwan's mother, says, "We hate to see him go on Wednesday. Antwan has a very important job that he has to do for his country and I'm so glad he's able to do that."

Frazier says spending quality time with loved ones is the perfect gift this holiday.

"I just wanted to be home for the holidays, that's all I ever wanted,” he says.

But he also wants all families to put more emphasis on cherishing special moments rather than material possession, knowing that soldiers are losing their lives everyday.

Dixon is a member of the "82 Airborne" stationed at Forth Bragg in North Carolina.