Santa Takes Last Minute Requests

Ok kids, you better be on your best behavior, because Saturday night Santa will be making a stop at your house, but before he heads back up to the North Pole, we spent some time with the jolly old man at Governor's Square in Tallahassee.

And what kid wouldn't be sitting in the lap of Santa Claus telling him everything they want this Christmas.

Santa says he's been getting a lot of last minute requests before Christmas Eve.

"I want a doodle bear and a baby, and a scooter," said one child.

There are lots of toys, but Santa lets us in on what else all the kids are asking for.

"Xboxes and game boys and motorcycles for the boys, and for the girls, Barbie jeeps, Barbie dolls and baby dolls. I want a doll and a dress up dress.”

Santa says he's keeping in mind all those requests from all you kids, and he says it's going to be a busy night for him. He's says he's made his list and has checked it twice, but he still has a message for all you kids out there.

"You all be good and Santa will see you on Christmas Eve."