Hottest Gifts of the Season

This is for all of you who still have gifts to buy, or even if you're finished holiday shopping and still have the receipts.

We'll let you know what everyone seems to want this year. Cell phones are a hot item this Christmas.

Michael and Shatina, holiday shoppers, say, "The hottest gift this season would be cell phones and cars."

Shatina adds, "The hottest gift I think would be this season is cell phones because they're going cheaper."

Some have other ideas for what they want.

Daniel Dungey, 15 years old, adds, "For Christmas this year I want a basketball hoop because I like to play basketball."

Eric Banks adds, "As a professional man I would always like to have a couple pairs of new shoes, some shirts, cuff links, maybe even a sports coat or a few suits."

Myron Steen says, "For a woman, Victoria Secret's always popular. I don't want to give away what I got for my wife, but that's what I did."

Topping most Christmas lists this year are Dora the Explorer Jeep and Talking Kitchen, Moon Shoes, the Power Wheels Escalade, the Xbox 360 video game system and iPods.

Mike Ahmad, a jewelry store manager, says, “Most people like jewelry; watches for male and female. They are buying a lot. We are happy with that."

Timothy Eutsay, a holiday shopper, says, "My grandma likes jewelry, earrings and rings. My wife likes earrings."

The price range for this year's hottest gifts range widely between 20 and a couple hundred dollars. The gift of having a happy holiday is priceless.