Local Dealership Gives Katrina Victim New Car

Kelly Derouen is taking a delivery of a free car, courtesy of Kraft Nissan.

The dealership is teaming up with a local radio station and the Red Cross to find Derouen, who moved to Tallahassee after losing her home in Slidell, Louisiana.

Overcome with emotion, she says this gift immediately changes her life.

"I won't have to wait. That's the hard part, waiting; waiting on somebody to cater to your needs, and now that I have the means to do that on my own, I can't, words can't express how good and how much this means to me,” explains Derouen.

"She's raising her family and taking care of her boys and that's something special and hopefully we made a small difference in her life,” says Chris Kraft, of Kraft Nissan.

The car comes with no strings attached; the dealership is even paying the insurance for the first two months.

Kraft Nissan challenges other capital area dealerships to do what they can for hurricane victims.