2005 a Successful Year of Drug Busts

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The Echols County Sheriff's Office is wrapping up a very successful year of drug busts. More than $1.5 million worth of drugs have been confiscated.

The war on drugs is affecting the people of Echols County. Over the past year Sheriff Randy Courson's department has busted more than $1.5 million worth of drugs being grown or brewed in remote locations.

Sheriff Courson says, "I've gotten a lot of good feedback, but I'm just doing my job. That's what they put me in office for. I think people in Echols County were ready to see a change, and to see the county cleaned up, it was over due."

The sheriff has seen some interesting drug growing locations, everything from moonshine to a marijuana grower's booby trapped home.

For the law abiding citizens of Echols County, it has been a very successful fight in the war on drugs during the past year. Residents say by removing marijuana, moonshine and other illegal drugs off the streets, it’s made their community a much safer and better place to live.

Claude Cox says, "It’s the future of our county. We want to be a progressive, forward looking, economically successful county and you can't do that if you're known as the harborer of drug dealing."

The sheriff is hopeful 2006 will be as successful in busting drug operations as the past year has been.

Sheriff Courson says he will continue to need the help and tips from the community to make 2006 another success.