Highly-Priced Purchases

It seems electronic gifts are the craze this shopping season, but that's not all. Wish lists are filled with a few higher priced items.

A shiny new car could put a twinkle in anyone's eyes, a present that really could last a lifetime. One manager at a local car dealership says lots of customers have cars in mind when doing their holiday shopping.

Bruce Benmark, a car dealership manager, says, "Typically in December it's our best month of the year and we do a lot of business typically after Christmas. The last week of the month is usually the best."

Bruce Benmark adds not only are people shopping for a loved one, but companies are buying this time of year because of specific tax reasons.

Another gift that is quite popular this time of year and could set you back a few paychecks: jewelry.

Sean Everett, a local jewelry store owner, says, "The month of December in the jewelry business usually equals three months of usual business, so it's a good month for us of course."

It proves December is a great month for extravagant jewelry.

Jennifer Miller and Blake Allen, newly engaged, comment on their holiday purchase.

"This is probably the best present ever, it was. I just got in town last night and he took me to the park and he proposed and it was awesome! It was a big surprise, but it was really great, so it's the best present ever!"

Whether you’re buying five karat diamond earrings or a new car, last minute shopping can be pretty pricey.

Holiday shopping may not be over just yet. With Hanukkah falling so late in December, analysts expect many to wait for some post-Christmas bargains to complete their shopping.