Thomasville Police Step Up Patrols for Holiday DUIs

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Thomasville police say crime never stops, not even for a holiday.

Tim McCarthy, a patrolman with Thomasville police, says, "It's just any other day. We don't take a break for Christmas. Laws are enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year."

Thomasville police say drinking and driving is one of their biggest problems.

SGT Rachelle Denmark says, "As you go to holiday parties, Christmas parties, there's always some alcoholic beverage involved and people always tend to be a little more merry, so there's a tendency to drink and drive during the holiday season."

Police say DUI stops are an all too common holiday traffic stop.

McCarthy says, "Sometimes, they don't even know they've had too much because the first thing is impairment that goes."

SGT Denmark adds, "We are stepping up our efforts to prevent that because impaired driving causes more than half the deaths in the state of Georgia."

By increasing patrols, Thomasville police say they hope to insure a safe and happy holiday season.

Thomasville police also say domestic violence increases during the holiday season, and they say many of the cases are the result of the use of alcohol.