Tallahassee Native, Speed Skater Olympic-Bound

Skating in the Olympics fulfills one of his lifelong and his dream started here in the Big Bend.

Olympic speed skater Anothy Lobello is lacing up his skates at the place his Olympic dream began. His mother Sharon says his big dreams started when he was small.

Sharon Lobello, Anthony Lobello's mother, says, "When Anthony was eight he said, ‘I'm gonna be in the Olympics.’"

He would make good on that promise, making junior world speed skating teams in his teens, and at 19 he decided to get serious on the ice.

Anthony Lobello, a winter Olympian, says, "I took it day by day to see if it could and it started to work itself out. Still, working the kinks out, by no means am I finished, but I think that things are progressing."

Lobello plans to train in Colorado Springs before heading to Italy for the winter games, but Monday night it was all about giving thanks to the people and the town that gave him a start.

Lobello adds, "It means something that I'm representing the city I grew up in, and Tallahassee has always been good to me. Now it's my time to give back to Tallahassee."

Lobello says he hasn't set any goals, he's just proud to compete, and his family, even prouder to watch.

Sharon says, "Just like all parents you put in a lot of time and a lot of resources and sometimes you're lucky enough to see your child realize a dream."

It’s a dream that began at a Tallahassee skating rink. Lobello plans to skate in the men's relay and 500 meter race.