Black History Museum in the Works in the Rose City

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Jack Hadley is passionate about black history and says his life goal was to open a black history museum in Thomasville by the time he turns 70. He has six months to meet his goal.

Jack Hadley says, "I am going to establish the first African-American black history museum here in Thomasville/Thomas County and will focus strictly on the artifacts of the Thomasville/Thomas County black achievers and southwest Georgia and the national black achievers."

Hadley says the museum will be located at the Frederick Douglas complex, the old black high school. He adds that the museum will include his personal artifact collections, articles, and books, as well as a very special buffalo soldier statue donated by a former soldier.

Hadley adds, "These guys were out of the Midwest and they fought the Indians, they built railroads, they built highways, they protected the people traveling through the Midwest, an all black unit."

Hadley says the museum will enrich the lives of children by teaching them about black history with exhibits and artifacts.

The superintendent of Thomasville City Schools says the school system will use it as an education tool.

Sabrina Boykins-Everett. Superintendent, says, "I know that the school system will take advantage of field trip opportunities. Children need to understand their heritage. All children need to understand the history of various cultures."

Hadley says museum renovations will start in January and he hopes to open the museum in a few months.

The Jack Hadley Black History Memorabilia Museum is a non-profit organization. For information or to make a donation, call 229-228-6983.