Most Wanted File

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Each week we team up with the North Florida Violent Fugitive Task Force. The partnership began about a year ago to help them find some of the area's most violent criminals.

DEP Sam Bruce with LCSO says, "We're talking about murder, attempted murder, armed robbery. The worst cases are child molesters."

Once all other tips have been exhausted, DEP Sam Bruce with the North Florida Violent Fugitive Task Force sends the suspect's profile our way, to bring it to you.

One man is a suspect we first profiled in March. The case was cracked thanks to viewer tips.

"They've been providing good, solid information."

Since the "Most Wanted File" first aired in February, we've profiled 41 fugitives, the task force arresting 23 of them directly linked to viewer tips.

"I've had parents turn several them in, I've had several of them turn themselves in."

DEP Bruce says he's received substantiated tips on all but one.

"Without this segment, we would be no where near, percentage wise, where we are on arrests of those violent fugitives."

The success of WCTV's "Most Wanted File" is featured in this month's edition of The Florida Sheriff's Star, a statewide publication. DEP Bruce says it all couldn't happen without the help of viewers like you.

You can catch our Most Wanted File every Tuesday night at 5:30 on Eyewitness News.