Beating the Post-Holiday Blues

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The end of the year is supposed to be a joyful time, but for years the holiday season was anything but cheerful for Nellie Ford.

"I used to come here when I first moved here in 1982 and sit on the benches at Lake Ella and look at the other people walking around with husbands, spouses and a significant other."

Ford was experiencing the holiday blues, stress, fatigue, unrealistic expectations and loneliness between the holidays and New Year's. Then she met her future husband, Harold, who helped her focus on the positive aspects of life.

"A lot of people have let-down after the holidays 'cause they have nothing to look forward to, so we began taking walks and enjoying life a little bit more."

Psychologist Jay Reeve says post-holiday doldrums are normal.

"This can be a time of measuring themselves against the images they see on TV or read about in magazines and think, well why don't I have that happy family or why don't I have that warm holiday dinner to come home to?"

Reeve says keep expectations realistic and make sure to take time out for yourself, a little advice the Fords have learned so they can beat the post holiday blues together.