104-Year-Old Twin Dies

They were Tallahassee's oldest living twins, possibly the oldest in the country at the age of 104.

Sadly now, the older sister has died, and when we say older, we mean by just a matter of minutes, of course. Funeral services were held Wednesday for Lucy Turner.

She and her identical twin sister Louise just celebrated their 104th birthdays in November. Lucy died after a short illness, and friends and family gathered at St. Mary's Wednesday to celebrate her long life.

Leslie Gay, adopted granddaughter, says, "Can you imagine living 104 years? The experiences, the times, the changes in life you've seen and getting to see children grow up, and grandchildren and great grandchildren. It's just a wonderful life that they've shared together."

Lucy was the quieter of the twins and was known for her cooking. She was lucky enough and healthy enough to live at home in the care of her 82-year-old daughter until just a few weeks before her death.