Red Cross Completes Wilma Claims

For months volunteers and workers such as Theresa Smith have been typing away on Red Cross computers. They've been logging Hurricane Wilma assistance claims, and after 18,000 of them they're done.

Theresa says, "I'm actually am having separation anxiety from my computer knowing that I won't be typing anymore.

The work did get tedious at times. Just ask Sylbia Neeley.

Sylbia says, "You'd get on set done and you'd be like, ok, it's time for a break, and next thing you know here he comes with several more boxes.”

But they got through it, thanks to 134 volunteers.

Chris Floyd, director of the Capital Area Red Cross, says, "Our volunteers are what made it made it happen. They came in the evening, they came in during the day. We're open on Saturday. Real good team effort."

It’s an effort also given by people who've seen firsthand what a hurricane can do and feel compelled to help.

Smith lost her home in Gretna, Louisiana in Hurricane Katrina. She knows where she'd be without the Red Cross.

Smith says, "On the street probably. I know I would be because this is the first place we came when we got here and they helped us out in some many ways."

It's why she felt they need to help give back and she hopes to keep working with the Red Cross for as long as they'll have her.

Many Red Cross workers will now transition to field work as the organization prepares for the 2006 hurricane season.