Thomas County Commissions Office Makes a Move

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It's moving day for the Thomas County commissioners and after more than 100 years at the courthouse, their office is relocating to make room for the new superior court Judge Jim Hardy.

Mike Stephenson, Thomas County manager, says, "This would be the first time in history that the county commissioners have not been in the courthouse. They've always been in this building."

The Thomas County Board of Commissioners have moved in to the old McIntyre/Edwards Building, but some commissioners say this is just a temporary solution to a much bigger problem.

Elaine Mays, County Commissioner, District 8, says, "This really tells people that we need more room in the courthouse, so the move is going to be a plus for Mike Stephenson and for all the girls that work with him. There's just not enough room for everybody, let's face it."

Commissioners say the history of the courthouse will be missed, but the new building has more room and a conference room for meetings.

For now the county manager says this is a permanent move, but commissioners hope one day to be back in the courthouse.

The Thomas County Commission's office hopes to wrap up the move as soon as superior court Judge Jim Hardy starts his judgeship the first of the year.