Four Killed In Gadsden County Car Fire [SLIDE SHOW]

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By: Julie Montanaro

The Florida Highway Patrol is not yet releasing the names of the men who died in a fiery crash in Gadsden County Wednesday.

Lt. Leslie Herold says the four men killed in the wreck were from Alice, Texas. Herold says they were on their way to Davie, Florida to pick up a vehicle.

Herold says the vehicle will be examined tomorrow. He says the vehicle was so badly damaged by the impact of the crash and subsequent fire that troopers may never know why it ran off the road.

Herold says an extra fuel tank on the trailer ruptured in the crash and added fuel to the fire.

Herold says FHP is awaiting more information from the medical examiner before releasing the names of the men who died.

Gadsden County, FL - The Florida Highway Patrol is reporting that the accident occurred at 4:55 pm on Wednesday. The vehicle, a Dodge, (the model is still unknown) was towing a fifth wheel flatbed trailer and traveling eastbound on I-10. The Dodge left the roadway, continued into the woodline and collided with a tree. The vehicle caught fire, becoming fully engulfed.

Four people were killed. Notification of next of kin is pending-- so the victims' identities are not being released.

By: Bailey Myers
June 26, 2013

Gadsden County, FL - Florida Highway Patrol says one lane on I-10 was shut down between Chatahoochee and Greensborough this evening after a car ran off the road. Hours later-- crews are still on the scene.

Lt. Leslie Herold, Florida Highway Patrol: "First appearances are that the vehicle ran off the roadway for some unknown reason and into the tree line and then erupted into flames."

Only burnt pieces of metal remain of what was this vehicle and its trailer.

Still smouldering, the frame of it is too bent to identify, and the license plate too charred to decode.

One thing they do know is-- no one survived.

Lt. Leslie Herold, Florida Highway Patrol: "At this time we do not know how many folks, but we do know there are multiple fatalities."

Florida Highway Patrol responded to milemarker 170 in Gadsden County on eastbound I-10 just after five p.m. on Wednesday. An officer trying to piece the scene together believes the vehicle ran off the road and in an attempt to avoid hitting the trees directly-- someone turned the wheel.

Lt. Leslie Herold, Florida Highway Patrol: "Well there were people who stopped immediately and attempted to render aid but from what we are being told it erupted into flames almost immediately."

The passengers were stuck inside. Several rescue crews responded, but it was too late. At least one lane of eastbound traffic was blocked as police and firefighters tried to piece together how this all happened.

FHP tells us it will take some time to figure out how many people were in the vehicle and their identities.

WCTV will update you with more information as it becomes available.

Gadsden County, FL - A fatal accident occurred on I-10 this evening.

The accident happened at Mile Marker 170 in Gadsden County on the eastbound lanes between Greensboro and Chattahoochee.

The Florida Highway Patrol reports that troopers arrived on scene at 5:17pm.

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