Babies, Babies, Babies!

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There's something special about this little bundle of joy, and it has to do with when he was born.

Chuck Roberts says, "Last year we had set a record of 301 births over 170 from the previous year."

And this little one makes 394! That's right, 394 babies were delivered in 2005 at Smith-Northview Hospital.

Roberts says, "We've had such a growth in all areas of the hospital, but labor and delivery has just taken off."

RN Julie Williams says, "We increased our staff probably double since we first came over here."

Not only have they had to get more staff, they've had to renovate the hospital to make more room for these moms and their babies, and they not done growing.

Roberts says, "We're planning a whole women's center that will be total labor and delivery, the whole women's med will be established there."

Even with the large number of patients at Smith-Northview, this new mom has no complaints.

Gwendolyn Williams says, "Here it's more calm, more relaxed, more laid back."

And knowing that this hospital has so much experience puts Williams to ease.

Williams says, "The more babies, the better it gets."

That's just what the folks at Smith-Northview Hospital hope to hear, and they say they're looking forward to even more babies in 2006.