2005: Busy Year for Thomas County Drug Squad

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It's been a busy year for the Thomas County drug squad, and local residents like Elaine Geter are happy with what they see.

Elaine says, "They're doing a very good job of it, a very good job. Everything is alike, so you still, when they squash out one, another comes up, but I think they're doing a great job of taking care of drugs."

In 2005, Thomas County drug agents worked 146 cocaine, 124 marijuana and 87 "meth" cases alone that netted nearly $100,000 in forfeitures.

Drug Commander Kevin Lee says the large number of cases is just the tip of the iceberg.

Lee says, "You have 146 cocaine cases, but you might have two or three defendants per case."

Lee says word on the streets is that his drug squad is making a dent in the county's rug trade.

Lee says, "We talk to other agencies and other people from other counties and they tell us, especially in the methamphetamine and the larger quantities of cocaine, people are apprehensive of coming to Thomas County and delivering because of the work we've done with the federal government."

Now with their hard working reputation preceding them, drug agents look forward to carrying that success over into 2006.

Geter says, "It seems to be working, slowly but surely."

And it’s continuing to eliminate drugs in Thomas County neighborhoods.

Thomas County drug agents say money forfeited in drug cases goes to a shared fund between Thomas County and the City of Thomasville.