FSU Fans React to Suspension

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There’s another wild turn in a year where there's been more than a few in Seminole nation.

"It sucks because the team needs him."

That's the first reaction from FSU fans hearing the news of A.J. Nicholson's suspension, and the timing couldn't be worse.

Nicole Carroll, an FSU student, says, "I just feel sorry for the team that this happened before a bowl game."

Heather Keller-Meier adds, "He's a starter, this is his last year and he's an asset to the team, so I hope that they can figure it out and he gets to play."

It's been a rough year for the Seminole football team off the field. Several star players have had their brush-ups with the law, names like Sexton, Sims, and of course, Nicholson twice previously.

Rosalynn Sherman says, "I hope everything works out for him."

Is there disappointment among FSU fans? Yes, but that doesn't mean Seminoles aren't still hopeful their team will prevail with or without their starting linebacker.

Karim Batista says, "It's going to affect the team, but hopefully we're going to win and still beat them."

Fans say they'll hold onto the hope. It won't deter them from heading south to Miami for Tuesday's big game.