Sopchoppy Man Arrested in Pot Bust

A Sopchoppy, Florida man is accused of growing more than $400,000 worth of marijuana in his backyard.

Deputies say he intended to sell the pot, but Edmond Revell says not so. He claims it's all for personal use to find relief from a stress disorder.

A tip led deputies down a dirt road in Sopchoppy. At the end they say they found a travel trailer and a makeshift greenhouse with more than 300 marijuana plants inside.

CAPT Jim Griner with the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says, "They found a totally in house type of growing system going on. He had a trailer that he gutted out that he used to grow marijuana plants. He also had a hydroponic system set up in which they use water to get the root system growing."

The plants worth an estimated 425 grand on the street mean 45-year-old Edmond Revell, Jr. is now facing a felony charge, accused of possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

When we knocked on Revell's door he had plenty to say about the pot. He doesn't deny growing it.

Edmond says, "Maybe I've got the wrong attitude towards it, blasé sort of attitude, and that's wrong, and growing it was wrong."

But Revell says there's more to the story. He says he has long suffered from stress disorders and mental illness, and after taking medication after medication his only relief has been smoking marijuana.

"I love my life here. I'm happy here, but I need to de-stress you know. I just need to."

Deputies don't buy it. They say it's far too much marijuana for personal use, and medical reasons or not, they say it's still illegal in the state of Florida.

Revell remains free on bond.