Nicholson: The Talk of the Town

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"We will gladly take your phone calls if you want to talk about that hot issue."

Radio talk show host Gene Williams was on the mic as the news of A.J. Nicholson's sexual assault accusations spread over the airwaves.

"There are a lot of very upset fans," said Nicholson. A lot of them jumping to conclusions thinking the worst, and it's just typical fan response when a star player gets in trouble."

Williams is also the founder of, a Web site where sports fans interact. After checking his site, he took to the airwaves. By his side was guest and former FSU football player Eric Luallen.

"Some of the other coaches around the country, they're telling their players to lift the seats before they use the bathroom, and I would have preferred if he put the seat down, sat on it all night and just stayed in his bathroom all night," said Luallen chuckling into the microphone.

Then taking on a more serious tone, Luallen says losing a star senior is detrimental to the team.

"The bigger issue is A.J. Nicholson as a leader, as a senior member of the team, and what that does to the team."

It’s a team that now has to play without Nicholson in the Orange Bowl next week.