Chasing Down Suspects, 21st Century Style

An underage robber is behind bars after a stolen cell phone led police right to his doorstep.

Valdosta police say two men were robbed along a stretch of Woodlawn Street early Friday morning. The two robbers, one armed with a gun, made off with wallets and a cell phone.

A cell phone company then helped track the phone to the gunman's home, where police moved in and arrested the suspect.

Brian Childress, Valdosta police spokesman, says, "It was rather easy for our detectives, but it’s just another example of what we've said before and we'll say it again: we can't solve crimes by ourselves, and in this case I would consider the cell phone company a good member of the community and another suspect is in custody."

The gunman has been charged with several counts. The second robber is still on the loose, but police do not consider him dangerous at this time.