Free Rides Home for South Georgians on New Year’s

New Year's Eve partygoers in a south Georgia town will get a free ride home, on account of two city officials.

The town of Remerton is located within the city of Valdosta, and will play host to many New Year's parties.

To make sure people don't drink and drive, two Remerton city officials have secured vans and will give free rides home to people living either in Remerton or Valdosta.

Scooter Hines, Remerton city councilman, says, "What we want to do is show a good neighbor attitude out there in the community. We want to reach out past Remerton because a lot of people from outside Remerton come in and enjoy our fun and we want to make sure they get back home to Valdosta."

The free rides home will start up before midnight and will continue on until 2 a.m. on January 1.