Babe Ruth League Improves Field of Dreams

Parents and coaches of one small town say they need financial assistance to improve their only baseball park.

Hatch Park is where the Branford Babe Ruth league plays ball. Coaches say it's in desperate need of improvement.

They say, for instance, sand should be added to the clay in the infields.

Matt Tyre, president of Babe Ruth League, says, "It's become very compacted and the drainage has become an issue. During our season, the early parts of the summer, when we had a lot of rain we wouldn't be able to play because of the water still standing on the field."

Friday, the mayor presented a check to the league from the town council for $5,000 to help pay for the sand.

The money will also help buy bases, catching equipment, helmets, batting equipment and other game equipment.

Mevelyn Lewis, grandparent, says, "It's such a positive program that we have here. Our youth needs it so desperately. I'm real pleased to hear that they're contributing this money so that they can make those necessary improvements."

Mayor Don Owens for the town of Branford says, "We do this to help our youth around our area and outside the city limits of our small town. We have an interest in our youth to support them any way we can."

Hatch Park has been around for years, and parents say these improvements will help the town's only baseball fields be around for the day their little leaguers have their own little sluggers.