Tallahassee Man Jailed for Road Rage

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A case of road rage sends a Tallahassee man to jail.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office says John Mongante was driving under the speed limit on Bannerman Road Friday morning. The car behind him started tailgating.

Stopping at a red light on Thomasville Road, he got out, reached in the other driver's car and slapped him in the head.

The victim is okay, but officers say the incident could have easily been prevented.

"You have to keep your emotions in check, and this is something that could have been avoided. I mean, if he felt like the other person was driving aggressively he could have managed to get a tag number and called law enforcement to deal with it instead of taking matters into his own hands," said SGT Annaliese Wierenga.

By law, reaching into another car is considered burglary. Mongante faces charges of burglary and battery.