Safe Surfing This New Year's

Like most teenagers, Sarah Miller enjoys hanging out with friends, working out and surfing the Web.

"I use it for the Internet to do research for school projects, Myspace and AOL Instant Messenger."

After Miller got a computer virus, she signed up for anti-virus software. She says it’s well worth it.

"There's always the possibility that someone could stalk you for using Myspace, and identity theft and all that, so it’s really important to keep your identity safe."

But not everyone is taking Internet security seriously. Florida Department of Law Enforcement INV Bob Breeden suggests cyber security as a New Year's resolution.

"Your identity is at risk. If you're doing banking online, if you're keeping important personal information on there and not protecting it with a firewall there is potential [that] a bad guy could get into your computer and possibly steal your identity."

Internet crime investigators suggest installing anti virus software, running firewall protection and updating your operating system.

Breeden adds, "At the beginning of the year maybe you have time off, take time to just clean up your computer," suggests Breeden.

It’s a few minutes of your time that could really save your good name.