Hunting Responsibility

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Wendy Mobly usually does laundry and folds her clothes on the dining room table, but on Tuesday she decided to watch TV instead.

Wendy Mobley says, “All of a sudden I heard a gunshot and the window breaks, so I shot up trying to see if somebody was out there fortunately nobody was out there."

Mobley says she immediately called her husband and he called 911. She says that there was no evidence that anybody had been on her property.

Wendy says, “We assume actually that it was somebody on the road who saw a deer in the hayfield and just decided to shoot from the road, which is entirely illegal."

Reggie Mobly, Wendy's husband, is a hunter and says this is an irresponsible and careless way to hunt.

Reggie says, "You should take the responsibility and hunt like you're supposed to. Just because you see a deer on the side of the road doesn't mean it's open game and just because you don't see a house doesn't mean there's not a house there."

The Mobleys assume that whoever did this was not from the area and they hope other hunters will be more careful and hunt in controlled area, not on the road.

The Mobleys say a Grady county detective is investigating their case and they hope to get the incident resolved soon.