Safe Ride Home on New Year's Eve

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New Year's is the one holiday that the whole world can celebrate, and New Year's Eve is the time when many folks traditionally celebrate with alcohol.

"I think the entire holiday season people drink a little bit more, but New Year's especially I think everyone that doesn't normally drink comes out and drinks tonight because this is the night everyone has to go out and party," says Snookers manager Ryan Bailey.

To cut down on the threat of drunken drivers, Budweiser and Yellow Cab teamed up on New Year's Eve to provide free cab rides home from bars or clubs.

"The manager or the bartender will sign and put his name on the voucher and give it to you. Then you go out to the cab. We'll be all along the strip tonight and everywhere else and you give it to the cab driver and we'll be glad to take you home," explains Yellow Cab driver Larry Russ.

Yellow Cab drivers and bartenders both agree that the program saves lives.

"Budweiser sponsors this, use the program. It's good, it's a great program, but if you need to spend a little money, do that. It's better than getting a dui or hurting yourself or killing somebody," Russ adds.

But before you just hop in a cab, Yellow Cab drivers emphasize that they must receive a signed voucher in order to give you a free ride home.

This program is only available to patrons of bars or clubs that serve Budweiser products.