Extra Second

It's a change made worldwide affecting every single person, but maybe you didn't notice.

An extra second has been added to keep clocks and the earth in synch with one another.

We hit the streets to see if residents even knew about the extra second.

Graham Reid, a Tallahassee firefighter, says, "To really answer that question it probably takes me an extra second to think about it."

Todd Butler, another firefighter, adds, "It doesn't matter, it's just a second, another second goes by."

Annette Graham adds, "An extra second, ok, I'll blink my eye and that second will be gone. I thought it was weird."

Andrew Meyer, a Tallahassee firefighter, adds, "Ah well, I took some time to reflect back on my year here, you know it goes by kinda quick, so that's about all I had time for."

The extra second was added to the world's clock just before midnight December 31 Greenwich Mean Time. That equals 7 p.m. our time.