Local Law Enforcement Reinforcing Heightened Terror Alert

Sheriff's deputies in Leon County are beefing up their security efforts, as the nation's terror alert remains high. They're making extra efforts to ensure public safety.

Jennifer Ryan spent the day finding out just how deputies are reacting to this heightened security

You may have noticed more men and women in uniform, patrolling our streets, at least that's what the sheriff’s office is hoping for, as it increases its presence and responds to the orange level of alert.

"The other places we're checking are the railroads,” comments Lt. Billy Fair.

Lt. Fair is on the look out for anything suspicious. After 17 years on the job, Fair didn't think he'd witness our nation in such a vulnerable state. But that all changed once the U.S. Department of Homeland Security declared our nation on high alert.

"What we're looking for is something out of the norm,” says Fair.

That goes for everyone at the sheriff's office, including the men and women we usually see wearing business attire. They now have to wear the badge at all times.

"We're out there every day, now investigations are wearing uniforms, it just creates an awareness with the citizens,” Lt. Fair says.

An awareness that deputies hope will put people at ease, at a time when war and terrorism weigh heavily on their minds.

"So far there isn't a book that tells us where and when they'll strike, we're ready for anything that occurs,” he adds.

So they circle the schools, water towers, and even area hospitals, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

"It's taking the time to look at something, we're paid to be nosy,” Fair adds.

Fair says the heightened security is taking a toll on their resources. He says they're simply doubling up on the areas they normally patrol. You said they're looking for anything out of the ordinary but can you be more specific. Fair says they look for things like delivery trucks that haven't moved from a parking spot, or suspicious people. But he says the best help really comes from the public work or in our neighborhoods.