New Technology at the Grady County Jail

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The Livescan machine is helping things at the Grady County Jail run more smoothly.

The jail administrator says when a person is arrested their fingerprint is scanned and within minutes linked to a national database.

CAPT Tim Gainous, an administrator at the Grady County Jail, says, "It'll tell you if you have a person who’s lying about their identity, if they have warrants that are active or not in other jurisdictions."

Before Livescan, when a person was arrested in order to identify them deputies had to manually fingerprint them, a process that is not only time consuming, but also messy.

SGT Michael Taylor of the Grady County Jail says, "With the new system it actually takes about 15 minutes. With the old system it takes about two weeks, three weeks to find out about the information that we need."

CAPT Tim Gainous, also an administrator, adds, "We have a lot of problems with people lying to step aside answering for their crimes, hiding their identities and using aliases."

But aliases should be a thing of the past with this new technology that Gainous says will ensure that each person is properly identified.

The Livescan machine at the Grady County Jail was purchased with money Sheriff Harry Young received from a grant that helps law enforcement agencies upgrade equipment.