Third Time’s the Charm?

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Cairo District 4 voters like Sherri Harrell hit the polls Tuesday hoping the third time is the charm.

Sherri says, "Third time; I hope we go through with it finally."

And after months of campaigning, one general election and two runoffs, both candidates are ready for a much needed break.

Adrian Clark, Incumbent, Cairo City Council District 4, says, "It gets tiresome I'll tell you, and I'm sure some of the people that I've been to the houses of get tired of me knocking on their doors."

James Douglas, District 4 challenger, Cairo City Council, says, "Worn out; been doing a lot of campaigning, been knocking on a lot of doors, visiting a lot of people, making a lot of phone calls."

With two tired candidates and poll workers putting in overtime, last month's dead heat was on the minds of many.

The December runoff election ended in an 82 to 82 tie, and this time poll work say it is just as close.

Larry Cook, Poll Manager, says, "We really can't tell because the turnout is slow, but it's going to be close again, very close."

It will be yet another close race in a campaign that was anything but usual. It is sure to teach voters one thing: every vote does indeed count.