Choir Returns From Italy

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It's a Christmas break they'll never forget.

Choir member Austin Wallace says, "We went to Rome, Italy."

"We got to see the Pope and sing for him," said Claire Kirkpatrick.

The children's choir from St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church was invited to sing for the Pope in the Vatican. They were one of only 12 groups from the United States who sang at the papal mass.

Choir member Caroline Turner says, "It was really awesome. It was like I never thought I would actually see him."

For children growing up in a Catholic church, seeing the Pope is a dream that seldom comes true.

Kirkpatrick says, "I saw him in all movies and stuff and I'm like, wow, it'd be so awesome if I got to do that."

With all the family members that went along, 89 people from St. Johns traveled to Italy.

Carol Wallace, mother of choir member, says, "Every one of us lived every moment of it. I don't think there was one person who was disappointed with the trip."

Wallace also says this trip proved one thing to her.

"Valdosta has a lot to be proud of," she says.

When the kids return to school on Wednesday they'll have plenty of stories to share, stories they'll tell for the rest of their lives.