F-CAT Reforms

Thousands of Florida students will take one of their most important tests in school Tuesday.
The writing portion of the F-CAT will be administered throughout the state to 4th, 8th and 10th graders.

A coalition of parents and teachers says some students are getting physically ill over the high-stakes test, and they're calling for reform

Carol Bailey's 4th grade class is practicing sentence structure to help them do well on the writing portion of their F-CAT. It can be nerve-wracking

The group wants better access to alternative testing for 3rd graders in danger of being held back a grade. They also want an appeals process for seniors who fail. Seniors like Meeghan Achin, an honors student who nonetheless failed the math portion five times. She transferred to a private school that didn't require the F-CAT rather than risk her diploma. It was a demoralizing

But the state says making things easier isn't the answer to Florida’s education crisis.

The State Department of Education says there is no appeal for seniors who can’t pass the F-CAT, but the students have up to seven chances to make the grade. The state recently freed up $4.5 million for school districts to help prepare for and take the F-CAT.